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    ALETEIA, International, European School of Cognitive Therapy was founded in Enna in 1990 by its present director Tullio Scrimali.

Until now the School hosted many important Authors of cognitive therapy such as Aaron T. Beck, Arthur Freeman, Michael Mahoney, Carlo Perris, Jeffrey Young, Christine Padesky, Frank Dattilio, Paul Salkovskis, David Clark, Christofer Fairburn, Robert Liberman, Ian Fallon and many others.

Among the international events: the Congress of International Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy (IACP) in 2000 which has been considered one of the most successful international meetings in the field of CBT with the participation of the speakers and audience coming from five continents.

The School organizes also three international events every year: Volcanic Mind in summer, Mind in the Clouds in winter and Mare Dolce Mente in spring.

In our School, some psychiatrists and psychologists attended at courses from many countries: USA, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Serbia, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Egypt, and Arabia.

The School is approved by the Italian Ministry of University and Research and gives certificates of specialization in cognitive psychotherapy recognized by Italian and European law.

Scientific areas remaining of our special interest are those connected with the epistemology of the complexity, the logic of dynamic and non-linear systems, schizophrenia, eating disorders, drug and addictive behaviours disorders applied neuroscience and neuroscience-based cognitive therapy.

Mission of ALETEIA International and of the Founder and Director, Professor Tullio Scrimali MD and PhD is disseminating cognitive therapy all around the World with specific attention to Africa, the closest continent to Sicily.

The epistemological approach on which the School is based is constructivistic, system-process oriented, complexity oriented and neuroscience-based.

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