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  Integrating Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback
   into Cognitive  Therapy

An international Workshop, to be held by appointment in Catania (Sicily) many times every year 
Leader: Prof. Tullio Scrimali MD and PhD
Official language: English 

Neuroscience constitutes one of the most important components among the contemporary scientific background. This workshop is focused on demonstrating and treating important topics concerning how some recent developments of neuroscience can be today used in order to better the intervention when carrying out cognitive therapy with patients affected by different mental disorders. During the workshop, one new method, coming from Neuroscience Laboratories, that can be easily integrated into the clinic setting of cognitive therapy, will be illustrated. This is Quantitative Electrodermal Activity (QEDA), which is applied using a MindLAB Set, an original device, developed and patented by Professor Scrimali. Such a parameter can be easily monitored in a clinical setting thanks to the advanced hardware and software included in  MindLAB Set. Basic information will be given on how to use such new methods when treating patients affected by mental disorders with cognitive therapy. In particular, some data about mood, anxiety and eating disorders, different kinds of addiction, schizophrenia and mania will be illustrated. Detailed information will be given about EDA-Biofeedback, a new method of self-regulation that Tullio Scrimali developed and experimented for many years as a powerful adjunct to Cognitive Therapy. The new tool, called MindLAB Set, developed by Tullio Scrimali and disseminated by Psychotech (, will be carefully explained. It is composed of hardware able to monitor electrodermal exosomatic activity and must be used together with a computer. Specific and original software, called MindSCAN and Psychofeedback, developed by Tullio Scrimali, will be fully illustrated. It can be used both when assessing the patient and during treatment. It allows the cognitive therapist to realize new, interesting methods of self-regulation such as Biofeedback and Biofeedback Based Mindfulness.
During the workshop, some MindLAB Sets will be used and some practical trials, both in the field of assessment and self-regulation, will be carried out with the help of some members of the audience. Some indications for buying inexpensive devices for clinical psychophysiology, when back to your country, will be given.

The workshop leader, Professor Tullio Scrimali MD and PhD
Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist and Clinical Neuroscientist (, he teaches at the University of Catania and at ALETEIA International, European School of Cognitive Therapy School, of which he is the founder and the director. He has been on 1980 the first Chair of “Cognitive Psychotherapy” in an Italian University (Catania).
Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Catania, Catania, Italy
Professor or Psychotherapy, Resident School of Psychiatry, University of Catania
Head, ALETEIA International, European School of Cognitive Therapy, Enna, Italy.
Director, Centro Clinico ALETEIA, Enna, Catania and Palermo, Italy (
Visiting Professor at the Boston University, School of Social Work
Chairing Professor at Asia University, Taichung, Taiwan
Founding Fellow and Cognitive Therapy Certified Trainer Consultant of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy (ACT)
Member of the International Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy (IACP)
Member of the European Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapy (EABCT)
Member of the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB)
He has been carrying out and still carries out research and didactics on cognitive and behavioural therapies in several countries of four continents. He organised and headed the first official training in cognitive psychotherapy held in Poland, and he supported the foundation of the Polish Association of CBT. He has been a Teacher in Egypt as member of the Faculty of the Egyptian Association for CBT. Tullio Scrimali authored 182 scientific articles and several monographs. His most important books are:

Cognitive Therapy Toward a New Millennium.
New York: Springer Science + Business Media LLC, 2002

Entropy of Mind and Negative Entropy, a Cognitive and Complex Approach to Schizophrenia and its Therapy. 
London: Karnac Books, 2008.

Neuroscience-Based Cognitive Therapy. New Methods for Assessment, Treatments and Self-Regulation Oxford: Wiley, 2012.


Tullio Scrimali
New Methods for Assessment, Treatment and Self-regulation 
Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, 2012

Logistics and Agenda

Thursday: Arrival to Catania and meeting the ALETEIA Staff
                   at Catania’s Bellini International Airport.  

Friday: One day workshop, first part - Evening: pizza dinner

Saturday: Organised visiting to Catania or Mountain Etna or Taormina                         or Syracuse (This program must be paid apart).

Sunday: Travel back home

Fee: Euro 400,00. This includes:

• Congress and workshop participation
• A reception service at the Catania airport at your arrival managed by the ALETEIA Staff and the transfer from Catania to the airport for departure.
• A pizza dinner
• Two coffee breaks and one lunch breaks during the workshop
• Some didactic materials in an electronic format.
  They are an E-book in PDF: Tullio Scrimali (2011) Neuroscience and        Psychotherapy – MindLAB Set, Multimodal Assessment and Self-              Regulation. ALETEIA Publisher, Enna, 2011 and the PowerPoint              presentation used during the workshop.

Additional opportunities

MindLAB Set
If interested, you can buy, during your stay, a MindLAB Set ( on a very attractive discount (you will pay just 400,00 Euro instead of 600,00). Therefore, when back home, you can immediately start to apply Neuroscience-Based Cognitive Therapy.

Guest House Accommodation
A simple but comfortable accommodation, for three days, can be provided at ALETEIA Guest House for just 100 Euro (breakfast not included).

The workshop can be organized and provided every month of any year, even though for a single participant. The dates can set up according to the needs of the participants. Arrange your preferred date sending an email to: 

Dr. Nicoletta Lanza: or +390957127747
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